Vietnamese Chilli & Lemongrass: Shrimp Paste


Chilli Shrimp Paste

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A strong pungent South East Asian flavour softened with lemongrass, chilli, and shallots. We balanced the taste so you don’t have to, just spoon it out of the jar and on to your plate.

Ingredients: Chilli, lemongrass, shrimp paste, and shallots cooked in rapeseed oil.

No additive or preservative – 100% natural ingredients. Made in the UK.

This recipe originated from our Spicy Beef noodle soup dish called ‘Bun Bo Hue’ from Vietnam imperial city Hue. Add a spoon of this paste and turn any broth (beef, chicken or vegetarian) into the distinctive chilli and lemongrass flavour of Vietnam’s world famous Bun Bo Hue.

Also great in stir-fry, and a dipping sauce for hot or cold food.


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